This is a location in the game that can be searched using Toothless.

Search time: 10h

Toothless Level: Available for all, limited time

An extra search bag can be purchased for 110 Rune Icon.
Two extra search bags can be purchased for 200 Rune Icon.

Possible rewards

From January 08, 2016 until January 11, 2016:
*When searching event locations the Fish and Wood rewards vary depending on the level of storage facility (Fish Basin or Wood Stack) the player has when the search begins.

Storage Level Reward Amount
2 175
3 375
4 1,000
5 2,000
6 3,750
7 12,500
8 25,000
9 50,000
10 80,000
11 143,750
12 250,000
13 500,000
14 750,000
15 2,500,000
16 7,500,000
17 15,000,000
18 20,000,000
19 62,500,000
20 125,000,000

Special Event

This location was available for players to search for a limited time from January 08, 2016 until January 11, 2016.

During the Event one dragon could be purchased directly from the Book of Dragons:
Armorwing egg: 3,500 Rune Icon

If a Armorwing egg was in an extra bag that the player chose not to purchase when searching with Toothless, the egg could be purchased for 3,250 Rune Icon (discounted from 3,500 Rune Icon) at this time only.

Armor Wing Island (Armorwing)

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