Defending Berk

Battle is a gamemode, It is available if you have a minimum of 2 dragons at level 12.


The gamemode of Battle Mode has been shown in the trailer for the update. You can use dragons to attack the invading fleet.


Battle Mode was said to be coming around October, but needed more time.
Battle Mode was finally released on December 02, 2014.


  • Attacker Dragons (fire) deal high damage but have low health.
  • Health Dragons (heart) deal low damage but have high health.
  • Sharpshooter Dragons (range) deal medium damage and have medium health but can attack from further away.
  • Dragons are better than the Catapult.
  • The amount of dragons you send to battle depends in the level of your Meade Hall .


The Catapult is a weapon used with your dragons when in Battle Mode.

To upgrade the Catapult you have to reach certain fleets and defeat them.


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