Building Type

Location Berk's Coast
Max Building Level None
Premium Upgrades Yes

The Bewilderbeast is a Legendary Dragon of the Tidal Class.

The Dragons: Rise of Berk official facebook page released a teaser with the Bewilderbeast on May 29th, 2015.

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Bewilderbeast is a permanent dragon and once placed on Berk, it cannot be released in exchange for Fish.

Bewilderbeast does not count towards the limit of 70 dragons that can be placed outside the Hangar.

The Bewilderbeast unlocks Primal dragons.


  • Complete the Bewilderbeast Collection or pay 75,000 Rune Icon


  • One Fish gathering spot for 1 dragon.
  • Boosts Fish gathering:

+ 20% for 12h for 150 Rune Icon (Meade Hall Lv. 10)
+ 20% for 12h for 200 Rune Icon (Meade Hall Lv. 11)
+ 20% for 12h for 300 Rune Icon (Meade Hall Lv. 12-13)

  • Bewilderbeast requires 18h for each search.

Special Abilities

  • Bewilderbeast cannot be released in exchange for Fish.
  • Bewilderbeast cannot be moved around the Island of Berk.
  • Bewilderbeast cannot be placed in the Hangar.

Dragon Design

Unfortunately there is no Bewilderbeast Egg or Baby Bewilderbeast in the game since it's more of a Game Mechanic / Building compared to the other dragons.

Bewilderbeast banner
Bewilderbeast - FB
Bewilderbeast official Facebook share image
Bewilderbeast Collection
Bewilderbeast Collection
Bewilderbeast 02
Bewilderbeast ingame
Dragons Rise of Berk - Bewilderbeast Intro

Dragons Rise of Berk - Bewilderbeast Intro