Building Type

Viking Buildings
Location Berk
Max Building Level 8
Premium Upgrades None

The Catapult is used in Battle (gamemode).

It is used to fire boulders at the enemy fleet causing high damage.
(Dragons are much stronger)

Building Progression

Level Damage per Shot Upgrade to next Level
Defeat Fleet Level Cost
Time For Upgrade Wait time to next Battle Level
1 32 10 ** 1h 8h
Wait time to
Lv. 11
2 34 30 ** 2h 8h
Wait time to
Lv. 31
3 36 50 ** 4h 8h
Wait time to
Lv. 51
4 38 60 ** 9h 8h
Wait time to
Lv. 61
5 40 70 ** 18h 8h
Wait time to
Lv. 71
6 44 90 ** 24h 8h
Wait time to
Lv. 91
7 48 100 ** 36h 8h
Wait time to
Lv. 101
8 52 None

** The upgrade price depends on the level of your Meade Hall.

Building Design

Catapult Lv 1
Catapult Lv. 1
Catapult lv2
Catapult Lv. 2
Catapult lv3
Catapult Lv. 3
Catapult lv4
Catapult Lv. 4
Catapult level 5
Catapult Lv. 5
Catapult lv6
Catapult Lv. 6
Catapult lv7
Catapult Lv. 7
Catapult Lv8
Catapult Lv. 8

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