Defender Dragons are exclusive dragons that were introduced in the Dragons: Rise of Berk game with the Battle Mode update.

Defender Dragons were originally titled Battle Dragons when first introduced into the game.

Just like Exotic dragons, a Defender Dragon is shown in the Collections menu and you need to gather items or spend Rune Icon to get it. With each item you collect that is required for that specific dragon, the Rune Icon cost is reduced by a certain amount until you gather all items and get the dragon for free (But losing those collected items of course).

The Gear item can be obtained by completing Raid Quests from Card Packs and Journeys. It is an item in Collections that is required in order to get a Defender Dragon outside of a Special Event.

Defender Dragons have better Health Icon and Damage Icon compared to their normal counterpart dragons.

A player may have more than 1 of the same Defender Dragon.

Defender Dragons cannot collect IronIron-Icon.

Defender Dragons don't change their appearance when reaching Titan level (Lv. 52) or Valka Titan level (Lv. 91).

All known Defender Dragons currently in the game are listed below:

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