Fishlegs' House
Fishlegs's house

Building Type

Quest Buildings
Location Berk
Max Building Level Level 2
Premium Upgrades None

Completing the Favors Among Friends quest or directly building Fishlegs' House unlocks his Quests and his dragon Meatlug in the Book of Dragons.

Population Required: 7 Vikings (or 40 Rune Icon to Get it now!)

Building Time: 15m

Lv. 1 = 400 Wood
Lv. 2 = 700 Wood

Building Design

Build Fishlegs' House
Fishlegs' House Quest
Fishlegs' House
Fishlegs' House
Fishlegs' House Upgrade Quest
Fishlegs' House Upgrade Quest
Fishlegs' House Lv 2
Fishlegs' House Lv 2

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