There are six basic kinds of resources (if you discount TimeTime) that players use to:

Fish Fish, Wood Wood, Rune Icon Runes, Iron-Icon Iron, Odin Coin Odin Coins and Vikings.

Fish Fish and Wood Wood

Both Fish Fish and Wood Wood can be obtained through:

  1. Training dragons to gather them.
  2. Toothless finding them on his searches.
  3. Completing Collections and Quests.
  4. Defeating groups of Raiders.
  5. Completing Journeys.
  6. Opening Card Packs.

Fish can also be obtained when a dragon increases chances of success at Titan Training and Valka Titan Training.

Wood can also be obtained by removing trees.

Different dragons are more and less efficient at gathering fish and wood. For example, at level 12, the Gronckle gathers 4,980 Wood per hour, and it only gathers for 20 minute time periods before the player needs to re-send them to gather more Wood. By contrast, the Terrible Terror gathers 4,731 Wood per hour, and only gathers for 10 minute periods at a time.

For a more accurate and up to date list, please refer to the Dragon Statistics page.

Runes Rune Icon

Rune Icon Runes are available through several means:

  1. Removing rocks.
  2. Toothless finding them on his searches.
  3. Completing Collections and Quests.
  4. Defeating groups of Raiders.
  5. Completing Journeys.
  6. Completing various advertising tasks (e.g., Tapjoy).
  7. Purchasing them with real currency.
  8. Find them in Card Packs.
  9. When Titan Training fails.
  10. Collecting them on certain days from the Monthly Event.
  11. At winning certain stages of Guantlet.
  12. By earning a Gobber Pack.
  13. Daily Runes (Dragon Rider Exclusive)

Current prices (03/07/17) are as follows:

  • $1.99 for 200 Rune Icon
  • $4.99 for 550 Rune Icon
  • $9.99 for 1,250 Rune Icon
  • $19.99 for 3,000 Rune Icon
  • $49.99 for 8,750 Rune Icon
  • $99.99 for 20,000 Rune Icon

There are occasionally sales and events during which these prices are up to 50% lower.

Iron Iron-Icon

Iron-Icon Iron is available by building the The Smithy and sending certain iron collecting dragons to collect the iron.

Iron-Icon Iron is required to level up the dragons at different levels after Lv. 80.

Iron-Icon Iron can also be obtained by opening Card Packs, completing Quests, Collections and Journeys.

Odin Coins Odin Coin

Odin Coin Odin Coins are aquired each time a player:

Odin Coin Odin Coins can only be redeemed in Odin's Market.


Vikings are a permanent capacity resource, meaning that the number of Vikings you have defines what kinds of building and upgrades that you can make and once you have purchased Vikings; they do not go away.

The maximum number of Vikings you have depends on the level of your Meade Hall. It is also from your Meade Hall that you can choose to build certain structures that increase the number of Vikings you have. For example, the Viking Cabin will increase your number of Vikings by 10.

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