Gobber's Journey Pic

Gobber is one of the Riders that is able to participate in Journey.

In order to start one of Gobber's Journeys you must first build Gobber's Hut to Level 2 (50 Iron-Icon).

Grump must also be raised to level 46 before Gobber can take him on a Journey.

Journey Locations

The Berkery

Gobber's Journey The Berkery
Availability: This Journey is always available.
Grump Lvl Requirement: 46
Time to Complete: 2d
Cost: 2 Iron-Icon
Possible Rewards:
Gobber's The Berkery Cropped
Irontooth Egg

Thunderclaw Egg

Mystery Pack

1 Iron-Icon, 40 Iron-Icon or 50 Iron-Icon

250 Rune Icon

Healer Island

Gobber's Journey Healer Island
Availability: This Journey is available at Grump level 95.
This Journey also requires the player to own the Healer Grump Costume to be unlocked.
Grump Lvl Requirement: 95
Time to Complete: 2d
Cost: 10 Iron-Icon
Possible Rewards:
Gobber Healer Island Cropped
100 Iron-Icon

Threadtail Egg

Quiverpain Egg

Prickleboggle Egg

Sliquifier Egg

Shivertooth Egg

Woolly Howl Egg

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