Green Death Collections are Collections that once all items are gathered, you will receive a Brute Dragon for each completed collection.

But only after the Green Death is already on your Berk will these Collections be available.

Dragons Offered in Green Death Collections:

There are no Resource Collections anymore, so every Green Death Collection is guaranteed to be for a Brute Dragon.

Needed Collectibles

Every Collection for a Brute Dragon consists of any random combination of 6 of the following Collectibles:

Brute Crystal Pin
Brute Metal Seashell
Brute Wood Apples
Brute Wood Comb
Brute Metal Shield
Brute Metal Figurehead
Brute Metal Sword
Brute Gold Emblem
Brute Crystal Part
Brute Metal Fish


The needed amount is only dependent on the Collectible itself and does not change for other Green Death Collections.

Dragon Probability in Green Death Collections:

Possible Brute Dragon Rune Cost Probability
Brute Boneknapper 7,500 Rune Icon ~ 10%
Brute Buffalord 3,750 Rune Icon ~ 15%
Brute Heartwarmer 12,000 Rune Icon ~ 15%
Brute Skrill 3,750 Rune Icon ~ 10%
Brute Snaptrapper 7,500 Rune Icon ~ 10%
Brute Stormcutter 14,250 Rune Icon ~ 20%
Brute Timberjack 7,500 Rune Icon ~ 20%


The probability is a rough estimate, resulting from the completion of 100 consecutive Green Death Collections.

Collection Design

New Look
Green Death Potential Collections 02
Old Look
Green Death Potential Collections