Hangar Banner

Building Type

Location Berk
Max Building Level Level 1
Premium Upgrades Yes

The Hangar is where Dragons are stored when not being utilized on Berk.

A maximum of 70 Dragons are allowed to be stored inside the Hangar.

Fortunately, you can purchase more space in lots of 10 for Rune Icon. (Up to 200 max Hangar space as of the current game version).

After joining the Dragon Riders, 50 more lots are added.

Special Events

On December 23, 2015 each upgraded lot of 10 was offered at 25% off the normal price of Rune Icon.


  • You can feed Dragons while they are in the Hangar.
  • You can send Dragons training to the Academy while they are in the Hangar.
  • You cannot do the above 2 things while the Hangar is at full or above capacity.
  • You cannot send Dragons Titan Training while they are in the Hangar.
  • Any Dragon that is acquired through Collections, Card Packs and Journeys can be placed in the Hangar even if the Hangar is at it's maximum capacity.

Hangar Capacity

Purchase Rune Icon Cost Dragon Capacity Increased To:
1st 550 80
2nd 850 90
3rd 1,000 100
4th 2,000 110
5th 3,000 120
6th 4,000 130
7th 5,000 140
8th 6,000 150
9th 7,000 160
10th 8,000 170
11th 9,000 180
12th 10,000 190
13th 11,000 200

Building Design

Hangar ingame
Hangar - winter
Hangar (winter)
Hangar (Inside)
Hangar (Inside)

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