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Building Type

Dragon Training Buildings
Location Berk
Max Building Level Level 3
Premium Upgrades Slot 2 (150 Rune Icon)
Slot 3 (1,000 Rune Icon)

Eggs found by Toothless on a search need to be hatched in the Hatchery before the dragon can be placed, only one egg can be hatched at the Hatchery at a time.

Premium purchase options to hatch up to three eggs at the same time are available.

Building Progression

This building can only be upgraded via Premium Upgrades.

Premium Upgrades

A second Hatchery spot can be opened by purchasing a premium upgrade for 150 Rune Icon.

A third Hatchery spot can be opened by purchasing a premium upgrade for 1,000 Rune Icon.

Premium purchases are instant and permanent.

Special Events

From February 10, 2016 to February 15, 2016 the second and third Hatchery spots were discounted at 50% off the normal price.

Building Design

Hatchery Lv. 1
Hatchery Lv. 1
Hatchery Lv. 2
Hatchery Lv. 2
Hatchery Lv. 3
Hatchery Lv. 3

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