Meade Hall
Meade Hall banner

Building Type

Viking Buildings
Location Berk
Max Building Level Level 13
Premium Upgrades None

The Meade Hall is the central activity point in any viking village. As such, the size of your Meade Hall directly allows/limits the number of vikings available in Berk. To get buildings like Windmills, Huts and other Viking Buildings, you must upgrade the Meade Hall. Building these will increase the amount of vikings you have, but there is a limit of vikings that you can have in the village, based on the Meade Hall itself.

Building Progression

Level Viking Limit Available Buildings Upgrade to Next Level
Dragons Required Wood Time
1 1 Viking Shack Tutorial 150 3m
2 3 Viking Shack x2 3 Dragons at Lv. 6 650 10m
3 10 Viking Hut x2
Weather Vane
3 Dragons at Lv. 10 3,900 1h
4 20 Viking House x2 4 Dragons at Lv. 18 14,000 4h10m
5 45 Weather Vane
Viking Cabin
5 Dragons at Lv. 24 98,000 5h20m
6 75 Viking Cabin
Grooming Station
5 Dragons at Lv. 30 305,000 10h
7 160 Viking Cabin
Viking Hearth x3
6 Dragons at Lv. 36 950,000 16h30m
8 300 Viking Hut x2
Yak Farm
Viking Lodge
Dragons at Lv. 42 2,950,000 24h
9 500 Viking House x2
Grooming Station x2
Viking Lodge x3
5 Dragons at Lv. 52 9,500,000 3d
10 1,000 Windmill
Viking Hearth x4
Town Square x2
Water Tower
8 Dragons at Lv. 60 29,000,000 4d
11 1,500 Viking Hut x2
Weather Vane x2
Viking Lodge
Viking Villa x2
9 Dragons at Lv. 75 79,000,000 5d
12 2,200 Viking Shack x12
Viking Cabin x7
Town Square x4
Water Tower x1
10 Dragons at Lv. 85 495,000,000 5d02h
13 2,550** Viking Hut x2
Viking Hearth x2
Yak Farm x4
None None None

** Additional Vikings are obtained by upgrading The Great Forge.

Note: The required amount of dragons must be placed on your Berk (not in the Hangar) for the upgrade to be unlocked.

Building Design

Meade Hall Lv 1
Meade Hall Lv. 1
Meade Hall Lv 2
Meade Hall Lv. 2
Meade Hall Lv 3
Meade Hall Lv. 3
Meade Hall Lv 4
Meade Hall Lv. 4
Meade Hall Lv 5
Meade Hall Lv. 5
Meade Hall Lv 6
Meade Hall Lv. 6
Meade Hall Lv. 7
Meade Hall Lv. 7
Meade Hall Lv. 8
Meade Hall Lv. 8
Meade Hall Lv. 9
Meade Hall Lv. 9
Meade Hall Lv 10
Meade Hall Lv. 10
Meade Hall Lv. 11
Meade Hall Lv. 11
Meade Hall Lv. 12
Meade Hall Lv. 12
Meade Hall Lv 13
Meade Hall Lv. 13

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