Building Type

Location Berk
Old Forest
Odin's Footprint
Dragonscale Cliff
Loki's Jest
Stonetooth Plain
Thor's Shadow
Darkened Green
Freyja's Field
Brokkr's Hold
Max Building Level N/A
Premium Upgrades None

Obstacles are trees and rocks that prevent building on a small area of your island. They can be cleared for a specified amount of Fish or Wood and a reward when finished.

Name Image Size Cost Vikings Time Reward
Sapling 2x2 50 Fish 1 5s 25 Wood
Rock 2x2 350 Wood 3 1m 2 Rune Icon
Thicket 2x2 150 Fish 5 10s 75 Wood
Grove 2x2 400 Fish 15 20s 200 Wood
Spar 2x2 7,800 Wood 20 10m 3 Rune Icon
Woodland 3x3 4,400 Fish 45 40s 2,200 Wood
Cluster 3x3 500,000 Wood 110 2h 12 Rune Icon
Forest 4x4 300,000 Fish 110 1m 150,000 Wood
Boulder 4x4 1,800,000 Wood 450 24h 30 Rune Icon
Coppice 4x4 240,000,000 Fish 1,525 5m 120,000,000 Wood
Crag 4x4 480,000,000 Wood 2,200 2d 55 Rune Icon

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