Odin's Market

Odin's Market is where you can spend Odin Coin Odin Coins for the purchase of:

☀ 1 Unique Dragon**
☀ 1 Limited Exclusive Dragon or Rare Dragon
☀ 1 Gold Pack
☀ 1 Classic Pack
☀ 5 Resource Packs
☀ 2 Gold Token Packs
☀ 1 Silver Token Pack

Each pack can be purchased with Odin Coin Odin Coins.

Odin Coins are obtainable through:

  • Mystery Pack
  • Gold Mystery Pack (Dragon Riders Club)
  • In-game purchases
  • Monthly Feast Gifts

Odin's Market is restocked every Monday.

**Note: A player may have only one Unique dragon of any type in the game. If a Unique dragon is offered in Odin's Market and the player already has posession of that dragon, it will display in the market as "Sold Out"

Cost for the packs, payable only with Odin Coin Odin Coins, is shown below each one in Odin's Market.

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