The Smithy
The Smithy

Building Type

Viking Buildings
Location Brokkr's Hold
Max Building Level Level 1
Premium Upgrades None

Completing the Fading Memories quest or directly building The Smithy unlocks the Iron Iron-Icon resource and the place where it's collected.

Iron Iron-Icon is collected by sending Dragons that are able to do so for a certain cost and period of time. Also from Card Packs, completing specific Collections and Journeys.

Building Progression

Unlocked by: Meade Hall Lv. 12

Level Capacity Upgrade to Next Level
Population Required Wood Time
0 None 2,200 380,000,000 Wood 4h
1 Unlimited* None None None

* Although The Smithy shows Unlimited, a maximum of only 30 Dragons can actually be sent out at one time to search for Iron-Icon Iron.

Building Design

The Smithy Lv 0
The Smithy Lv. 0
The Smithy Lv 1
The Smithy Lv. 1

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