Trader Johann's Ship
Trader Johann's Ship - winter

Building Type

Location Berk
Max Building Level None
Premium Upgrades None

Vikings! Visit Trader Johann to trade in resources for collection items. New loot will be available every time the timer runs out, or until the player pays the required Rune Icon.

Viking Tips:
Trader Johann sells items you currently need for any one of your collections.
✪ The cost for these Collection Items cycle between Rune Icon, Fish & Wood.
✪ Pay attention! Collection Items have different backgrounds.
For example: Items for the Green Death have a red lava background.


Upgrade Meade Hall to level 3.

Special Events

From ??, 201? to ??, 201? the the cost for all items was discounted by ??% off the normal price.

Trader Johann's Ship

Trader Johann's Ship
Trader Johann's Ship
Trader Johann items
Trader Johann's Latest Loot

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