Valka's Sanctuary
Valka's Sanctuary

Building Type

Dragon Training Buildings
Location Berk
Max Building Level Level 2
Premium Upgrades None

Completing the Dawn of the Titans, Part I quest or directly building Valka's Sanctuary unlocks her Quests and Titan Training.

Level One

Requirements: 1 dragon at Lv. 51 (or you can pay 599 Rune Icon to unlock, however you will still need to spend the required 8,000,000 Wood to build it).

Once built, you will then need to pay an amount of Wood Wood which varies between dragons to get to the first Titan level of 52.

Level Two

Once built, you will then need to pay an amount of Iron Iron-Icon which varies between dragons to get to the next Titan level of 91.


  • Valka's Sanctuary works on chance and Titan Training's success will vary depending on the rarity of that particular dragon being trained at the time.
  • Initially, you can only Titan Train 1 dragon at a time.
    The recent update has allowed players to expand the training slots to a maximum of 4.
    It will cost:
    1,000 Rune Icon for the 2nd slot,
    3,000 Rune Icon for the 3rd slot
    6,000 Rune Icon for the 4th slot.

Building Progression

Level Train dragons
up to level...
Upgrade to Next Level
Population Required Resources Required Time
0 None 1 Dragon at Lv. 51 8,000,000 Wood 1d
1 From Lv. 51 to Lv. 52 2,254 Vikings 5 Iron-Icon 1d12h
2 From Lv. 90 to Lv. 91 None None None

Building Design

Valka's Sanctuary
Valka's Sanctuary Lv. 1
Valka's Sanctuary Lv 2
Valka's Sanctuary Lv. 2
Build Valka's Sanctuary
Build Valka's Sanctuary
Valka's Sanctuary 02