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Viking Shack
Viking shack

Building Type

Viking Buildings
Location Berk
Brokkr's Hold
Old Forest
Odin's Footprint
Stonetooth Plain
Loki's Jest
Thor's Shadow
Max Building Level Level 1 (x3)
Premium Upgrades None

The Viking Shack is a building to increase the population of Vikings on Berk.

Viking Shack Lv. 1

Unlocked by: Meade Hall Level 1

Capacity: 1 Viking.

Cost to build: 30 Wood.

Time to Build: 1m30s

Viking shack 1

Viking Shack Lv. 2

Unlocked by: The Great Forge Level 1

Capacity: 45 Vikings.

Cost to build: 5 Iron-Icon.

Time to Build: 1h

Building Design

Viking Shack Lv 1
Viking Shack Lv. 1
Viking Shack Lv 2
Viking Shack Lv. 2

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